Representative Person / Gibraltar Registered Agent (Gibraltar MerchantShipping (Pleasure Yachts) Regulations 1997, Regulations 5 and 8)

If the owner of the vessel (individual/joint owner or Company) is not resident or incorporated in Gibraltar, then a Representative Person resident in Gibraltar or a Registered Agent must be appointed to act on behalf of the owners on matters relating to ship registration within Gibraltar.

The appointment of a Representative Person or must be made prior to making a submission to register a vessel in Gibraltar.

The reference title assigned by the Gibraltar Ship Registry to such an authorised party depends on the appointment form that is used. The authorised party is referred to as a Representative Person if an appointed under form (RA-09-F007) or as a Registered Agent if appointed under form (RA-09-F006).

There are several entities in Gibraltar which offer their services as Representative Person / Registered Agent .

Additionally, the appointment of a Representative Person or Registered Agent does not impact an owner’s right to deal directly with the Registry.

Type of Owner(s) Owner in Gibraltar Appoint Representative Person or Registered Agent Remarks
Individual Yes Not Required  
Joint Yes Not Required  
Company Yes Not Required  
Individual No Required A single owner can act on his own accord but must also appoint a Representative Person
Joint No Required  
Company No Required