ISPS compliance

Shipboard verification

Commercial vessels 500 GT and above and all passenger ships must comply with the requirements of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code.

GMA retains the responsibility of ensuring that Gibraltar registered vessels comply with the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code. Therefore, in line with the our policy, GMA auditors will generally undertake Initial, Intermediate and Renewal audits. On occasions, some of the ISPS related work may be delegated to the Classification Societies recognised by us. The delegation of ISPS tasks to Classification Societies will be on a case-by-case basis.

For the most part, interim ISPS inspections are delegated to Recognised Organisations during vessel deliveries and when ships transfer into the Gibraltar ship register.

Security Plans

The GMA will normally undertake reviews and approvals of SSP’s. Review and approval of SSPs may be delegated to Classification Societies on case-by-case basis.

Before a Ship Security Plan is submitted for verification, the Administration is to be consulted to ascertain who will carry out this task. Operators should advise as to which Recognised Organisation they wish to use should the task be delegated. For each delegation, a letter of appointment must be issued to the Recognised Organisation, copied to the operator.

Amendments of a procedural nature (e.g. change in the vessels operating area or manning levels etc.) should be submitted for review and approval prior to implementation. Other amendments, such as editorial changes e.g. correction of grammar, spelling etc. are not subject to approval, and should be recorded in an amendments index in the front of the manual.

Company Security Officers

CSOs/Deputy CSOs will be granted access to the secure section of our website, where the GMA’s Security Administrative Instructions can be obtained.

Contact details for Company Security Officers (CSOs) and deputy CSO’s should be forwarded to the Gibraltar Maritime Administration: 

There is no specific associated form, with email notification the preferred medium. Upon receipt of required contact details, same will be reflected on our fleet database. It is expected 24/7 coverage will be provided between CSOs and deputy CSOs.

Ships Security Alert Systems (SSAS)

SSAS installed on Gibraltar registered vessel’s must be programmed to report to H.M. Coastguard National Maritime Operations Centre in Fareham, United Kingdom and the Gibraltar Maritime Administration. Further guidance can be found within our Security Administrative Instructions.

Security Levels and Security Administrative Instructions (SAI)

The ISPS code provides for three security levels.

Maritime threat and security Levels for UK and Red Ensign registered vessels (including Gibraltar) are set by the UK Department for Transport (DfT). Information relating to current maritime threats, security levels and security in general, will be communicated to managers of Gibraltar registered vessels through Gibraltar Security Administrative Instructions (SAIs). SAIs can be accessed via the secure section of this website. Login credentials are required for access, and will be provided to CSOs by the Administration upon email application. 

Continuous Synopsis Records

Please refer to our Shipping Guidance Notice.

Security Administrative Instructions (SAI)